The Gun-Point System

Repointing is the process of replacing the mortar joints in brick or stonework.  Weather and movement can cause deterioration of the joints between the masonry.  This can allow water to penetrate causing further deterioration and long-term damage to the structure.


Gun-Point - The Quality Repointing Service

Our Gun-Point system uses the latest technology and unique patented equipment, operated by our highly trained staff.  Our system includes a range of power tools to ensure a proper depth of rake of the old mortar ensuring the new mortar is put back into the joint thoroughly.  


Our mortar pump reduces the risk of leaving voids. It is far quicker than traditional repointing, can reduce contract length and minimise disruption to occupants and public.  We pump hydraulic lime and cement lime mortars to the British Standard, or proprietary mixes if required. 


Our experience in solving both the technical and operational problems of repointing is second to none.


We have extensive experience of repointing and grouting brickwork, stonework and ashlar properties, historic buildings, monuments, jetties, harbours and tunnels.


Raking - The Key to a good 'Key'

The crucial element of repointing is to take out enough of the old mortar, but this is tiring, dirty and time-consuming, so very few do this properly.  Our grinders have integrated dust guards with adjustable plates, which, once set, ensure a constant depth of rake.   These guards are linked to our own specially designed dust extraction units which reduce mess and inconvenience.  

What we offer:

  • Cost Effective & Competitive 

  • Cement and Lime Mortars

  • Coloured Mortars

  • No Reliance on Admixtures

  • No Over Strength Proprietary Mixes

  • Improved Bonding of Mortar to Brickwork

  • Positive Fill of Joints Without Voids

  • Disturbance to Occupants Minimised

  • Dust Extraction

  • Appropriate Depths of Rake

  • Technical Advice & Back-up

  • CDM Requirements Implemented

  • Track Record Established 1982


Layne Wilson
Devon Wallcare Ltd T/a Gun-point 
26 Okehampton Road
Tel: 01392 259 897
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